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Peter Blondin
e-Pro, ABR, MBA Realtor

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Designing a coastal outdoor living space: Where to begin

by Peter Blondin 06/08/2022

If you want to turn your home into a beachfront property, consider decorating a coastal outdoor living space. You can transform your front porch, backyard, deck or patio into a coastal retreat without the stress and cost of actually moving to the beach.

Here are some ideas for designing a coastal-inspired outdoor living space at home:

Coastal colors

The right color palette is crucial to creating the perfect coastal outdoor space. Start with a backdrop of bright white, warm khaki, beige and other shades reminiscent of the beach sand. Soft, cloudy grays are another excellent choice for a neutral base of your color scheme.

Then, layer in your accent colors for bold, exciting pops of color. Layering multiple shades of deep blue, aqua, sea foam and other blues is a perfect way to bring the ocean into your design. You might also explore vibrant tropical hues like coral and sunny yellow.

Abundant accessories

Coastal decor is all about the accessories. Include plenty of driftwood, sea glass, rope and seashells into your porch or patio design. Jute weaves, cane and wicker furniture combined with nautical motifs and tropical imagery will transform your outdoor space into a personal coastal retreat.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match, too - nautical stripes contrast perfectly with softer, natural imagery depicting animals, plants and ocean waves. Keep your outdoor furniture casual and comfortable for lazy summer days and warm evenings, no matter the season.

Remember these design tips the next time you want to bring the beach home to your porch, patio or yard.