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Peter Blondin
e-Pro, ABR, MBA Realtor

How to secure your home in addition to door burglar bars

by Peter Blondin 06/12/2024

Ways to secure your home in addition to door burglar bars  featured image

Many find their home to be a place of relaxation and refuge from the outside world. To keep your home in such a peaceful state, you may have pondered about different ways to keep your property secure. Yes, door burglar bars are a great place to start for home security however, there’s many additional ways to keep your space safe. 

Types of door security devices

Consider purchasing a comprehensive home security system package. These packages may contain motion detectors, alarms and even security cameras to help you stay alert to possible intrusions from every angle. 

Many modern alarms can send signals to your mobile device in the case of suspicious activity, so even if you’re not at home you can still guard your property. 

For example, if someone tries to break into your home when you’re away on vacation, motion detectors placed outside can detect and send an alert to you before they try to enter your home. 

In addition to a security system, it’s always a great idea to physically secure the doors in your home. 

How can I make my front door more secure?

When the nails securing a door are short, it makes it easier for an assailant to kick the door in and gain access to the premises. To avoid this, consider installing longer nails to secure the door’s frame and deadbolt. 

Reinforcement locks are also a great addition to your door to help further security. 

How can I add more security to my other entryways?

Windows can be secured by adding in window security bars to prevent windows from being pried up from the outside. A door security bar is also a great investment because it’s inexpensive and effective at keeping intruders out. 

Keeping your home safe is vital, so take your time examining the security needs of your property.  When you’re ready, consider speaking with a representative at a local home security company for more information to find the best security package for your home.